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Armadillo Load Bearing Pads

DLW66 Armaload

The Armaload Bearing Pad is constructed using fibre reinforced masticated elastomer. The base compound has synthetic fibres added to it that creates an internal strength similar to that of reinforced concrete. Without this mesh fibre reinforcement, qualities such as enhanced tensile and compressive strength, stiffness, tear resistance, durability and superior ozone and weather resistance.


Rubber bonded cork has required in machine installations for sometime due to its vibration control properties. The resilience of the cork along with nitrile elastomeric compound, creates a product provides fantastic vibration isolation and long term protection against creep and set.


Armadillo Nitrile complying to MIL-C-882 is specifically designed for this purpose. This elastomeric pad is constructed using compressed layers of closely woven lightweight duck, impregnated with elastomer. Due to this method of manufacture, loads between 10,000 psi and 20,000 psi can be withstood before breakdown.

Rubber Pads

Some requirements do not need a custom built pad. We therefore are happy to provide Industrial Grade Neoprene pads that provide low cost fixing on some surface irregularitites.

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