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Dance Floor Isolation Pads


Installing a performance floor for either gymnasiums, dance studios or sports halls can be an issue on solid concrete or very stiff floors.

Solid concrete and stiff floors provide many technical issues when installing a recreational performance flooring.

In Birmingham UK, Armadillo NV were approached by the Royal Ballet to develop an isolation solution for their dance floor. Rebound, noise reduction, damping and shock absorbing were all evaluated and tested the the University of Loughborough. The conclusion was the product, Armadillo DFP15, was installed in a grid formation to support a lattice work of pine wood spas  to which a plywood deck can be attached prior to the finished flooring surface. Even better the pads were manufactured by Armadillo NV incorporating self adhesive backing for speedy installation with the minimal disruption to the Royal Ballet.


    Comprising of a granular construction the pads offer a very wide load tolerance therefore the distribution of the pads is not as critical as many other isolation systems. Giving excellent long term, creep free performance the pads are an ideal fit and forget solution to this vital part of a sports/recreational facility design.

    • Balanced damping for optimum performance
    • Long term creep is less than 3% of original thickness.
    • Offers a very wide performance load capacity giving freedom for positioning on installation.
    • Retains its properties under extreme temporary loading conditions.
    • Dance Floors.
    • Cinema Flooring.
    • Gymnasium Floors.
    • Sports Halls and Courts.


    Dance Floor Pads

    Sports floors, gymnasiums and dance studios require a firm yet resilient feel. This is achieved by supporting the floor on resilient pads to give the correct balance for shock absorbing coupled with sufficient rebound to give the floor a “live” feel. Armadillo DFP15 is the ideal material to achieve this. 

    Floor Vibration Isolation

    Floor vibrations can be caused by walking, dancing, jumping, aerobics and other occupant activities. Mechanical equipment such as heating, ventilating and HVAC systems as well as pumps andin mechanical rooms can also cause floor vibrations. The basic configuration of a floor system should be established early in the design process.

    Building Vibration Isolation

    Train, traffic or subway generated ground waves can create structural vibration in a building’s foundations and base slab. The effect of this structural vibration is dependant on many factors including but not limited to the stiffness or rigidity of the building foundation, soil dynamics and the amplitude and frequency of vibration.

    Machine Vibration Isolation
    Planning and design are critical elements in any building project. A badly designed foundation can lead to huge problems later. We can recommend and provide the optimum vibration isolation for your machine or machine and foundation installation. The design of the machine foundation and pit is an important part of a successfully isolated machine.
    Load Bearing Pads
    See our comprehensive range of bearing pads here.
    Foundation Isolation

    See our comprehensive range of foundation isolation materials here.

    Slide Bearings

    Armadillo structural slide bearings are custom designed to accommodate expansion, contraction and other reciprocating motions of any structure that moves as a result of thermal, seismic or differential forces.

    Pipe Support Bearings

    A new range of bronze bearing plates supplied by Armadillo. These are used for numerous applications within pipeline support systems such as Oil & Gas to Industrial systems.


    Armaload - DLW66

    Armaload DLW66 random oriented fiber (ROF) bearing pads are made from masticated elastomer which is fully cured and fiber reinforced. The random fiber reinforcement provides higher tensile and compressive strength, stiffness, tear resistance and durability than unreinforced rubber pads.  ROF bearing pads will support loads up to 2,000 psi before breakdown.

    Armaload - Mil-C-882

    Armaload is a preformed fabric bearing pad which meets MIL-C-882, AASHTO, AASHTO and AASHTO  18.10.1 specifications.  Manufactured from compressed layers of closely woven lightweight fabric, bound withmaterial will support loads up to 12,000 psi before breakdown. 


    Offered in various sheet sizes and thicknesses Armacork is the ideal entry level material to offer a cost effective and fast vibration control solution for many industrial applications.

    The introduction of Armacork between the machine base and the supporting foundation effectively prevents the transmission of structure borne disturbance to the adjacent areas.

    Neoprene / Rubber Pads

    Some applications do not warrant the expense of a custom made Vibration Control pad but do require some element of resilience in the installation.

    In such cases, for slight surface irregularities, Industrial Grade pads can be provided by Armadillo NV as an alternative low cost solution.


    Vibstop isolation material is a specifically designed vibration absorbing medium. Produced as a cost-effective solution to isolating foundations whether it be existing machinery or installing new equipment.


    Armadillo Armacush is an ideal product which not only gives excellent long term performance but is also specifically designed for ease of installation to avoid costly delays in the construction process. Designed for full area coverage the problem of temporary shuttering or designing the mass to be able to span bearing centres is avoided.


    When movements need to be accommodated in structural connections, a sliding element will need to be employed in the design. Armadillo can design manufacture and supply a cost effective solution for applications such as vessel thermal, petrochemical applications, pipelines or building movement joints. A PTFE surface is applied to Armaload fabric reinforced or ROF bearing pads where higher loads and rotation may occur.


    Regufoam® was developed as a top-quality mixed-cell PUR foam for vibration damping and structure-borne noise decoupling. Regufoam® is made in various densities with precisely stipulated physical properties. Regufoam® is suitable for foundation decoupling, protecting buildings from vibrations in the vicinity of track systems, vibration insulation in railway construction and passive and active insulation of facility engineering plants and machines.

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