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noise and vibration

noise and vibration




Some applications do not warrant the expense of a custom made Vibration Control pad but do require some element of resilience in the installation.

Armadillo NV custom make the Vibration Control pads required. However such investment may not be warrantied for some applications where a low level of resilience is only required. In such cases, for slight surface irregularities, Industrial Grade pads can be provided by Armadillo NV as an alternative low cost solution.

Typical examples being:

Fitting bathroom pods into building structures Sealing of flexible joints or expansion gaps. Standard sizes and shapes.

Positioning of precast concrete beams Installation of sections of structural steel. Rail work installations.

All three grades are available in the following Thicknesses.

3 mm, 6 mm, 12 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm.

Other thicknesses are available on request, as ell as Food Grade quality pads.

All grades and thicknesses can be supplied in die cut pads, washers and bushing to suit Metric threads from M8 up to M30

Technical Specification:

Maximum Working Temperature 115°C

Minimum Working Temperature -20°C

Typical Deflection Given as a percentage of original thickness

Life Expectancy Exceed 30 Years

Resistance to Water, steam & Brine. Excellent

Oil and common Fats Excellent.

 Maximum Load CapacityDeflection atDensity
Pad GradeN/sq mmKg/Sq cmsPSIMax Load %Kg/M3
Soft 0.2 2.1 30 25% 1200
Medium 0.5 4.8 70 15% 1400
Hard 1.4 14.0 200 10% 1500

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