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noise and vibration

noise and vibration

Tico S/PA - Anti Vibration Pad

TICO S PA is a high performance machinery mounting anti-vibration pad material. It matches today’s fast changing manufacturing environment, where ease of machine mounting and flexibility of plant layout are prime factors.

Key Features

  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Maximum recommended load bearing capacity of 0.5 MN/m2 (approx. 50 tonnes per square metre)
  • Resistant to a wide range of fluid media
  • Operating temperature range of -40˚C (-40˚F) to 100˚C (212˚F)
  • Can be adhered to floor – No bolting required
  • Easy to cut and simple to install

Standard Stock Sizes

Stock TICO S/PA pad sizes available with 6mm thickness

TICO Part No. Length (mm) Width (mm)
TP-010002 1200 25
TP-010029 1200 50
TP-010045 1200 75
TP-010061 1200 100
TP-010088 1200 125
TP-01010X 1200 150
TP-010126 1200 300
TP-010169 1200 600
TP-010207 1200 900
TP-01024X 1200 1200

Stock TICO S/PA pad sizes available with 9.5mm thickness

TICO Part No. Length (mm) Width (mm)
TP-020504 1200 25
TP-020520 1200 50
TP-020547 1200 75
TP-020563 1200 100
TP-02058X 1200 125
TP-020601 1200 150
TP-020628 1200 300
TP-020660 1200 600
TP-020709 1200 900
TP-020741 1200 1200

Stock TICO S/PA pad sizes available with 12.5mm thickness

TICO Part No.Length (mm)Width (mm)
TP-03100X 1200 25
TP-031026 1200 50
TP-031042 1200 75
TP-031069 1200 100
TP-031085 1200 125
TP-031107 1200 150
TP-031123 1200 300
TP-031166 1200 600
TP-031182 1200 750
TP-031204 1200 900
TP-031247 1200 1200

Stock TICO S/PA pad sizes available with 19mm thickness

TICO Part No.Length (mm)Width (mm)
TP-041501 1200 25
TP-041528 1200 50
TP-041544 1200 75
TP-041560 1200 100
TP-041587 1200 125
TP-041609 1200 150
TP-041625 1200 300
TP-041668 1200 600
TP-041706 1200 900
TP-041749 1200 1200

Stock TICO S/PA pad sizes available with 25mm thickness

TICO Part No.Length (mm)Width (mm)
TP-052007 1200 25
TP-052023 1200 50
TP-05204X 1200 75
TP-052066 1200 100
TP-052082 1200 125
TP-052104 1200 150
TP-052120 1200 300
TP-052163 1200 600
TP-05218X 1200 750
TP-052201 1200 900
TP-052244 1200 1200

More S PA Anti Vibration Pad Details

Suitable for the majority of applications where ease of installation and flexibility of plant layout are prime factors on installations. This anti-vibration pad is compatible with all types of machine base - individual feet (also see TICO Adjustamounts for precision mounting), cast skirts or flat base. Operational temperature range -40˚C to 100˚C (-40˚F to 212˚F) and a high load bearing capacity covers virtually all mounting applications.

TICO S PA Anti Vibration pad is a tough and resilient bonded cellular material. It is made from a blend of selected cork particles and polychloroprene/acrylonitrile elastomers. It is resistant to water, most oils, spirits and cutting fluids. The anti vibration pad material has a high co-efficient of friction and does not need a textured surface for efficient operation. The TICO S PA pad is identified by their reddish-brown appearance and printed TICO trademark.

The material is usually fixed to the floor and the machine with TICO Contact Adhesive S, but machines with a high centre of gravity (for example) may be bolted using nuts and studs. In this instance TICO Washers and Collars must be employed to stop transfer of vibration through bolts.

TICO S PA Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cut TICO S/PA Anti-vibration material?

TICO S PA can be cut easily on site with a sharp knife, however for large quantities, custom profiles can be cut in the TICO factory on request.

How much weight can it take or what is its maximum load?

The maximum working load of TICO S PA is 0.5 MN/m2, this equates to approximately 50,000 Kg/m2.

Does the thickness of the pad relate to its ability to carry load?

No. The maximum working load for TICO S PA Anti-vibration is the same regardless of pad thickness. The major difference between pads of different thicknesses is their response to the vibration seen in service. (The thicker the pad, the lower the natural frequency for a given load.)

What is its compression under load?

At maximum loading (0.5 MN/m2) compression is approximately 5% of original TICO pad thickness.

How do you fix pads and material to the floor?

There are two methods by which TICO S PA anti-vibration can be fixed to the floor:

(A) Bolted

TICO S PA can be easily drilled using wood working equipment, an auger bit being the most suitable. Helical flute drills should be avoided as the material has a tendency to run up the drill. If the machine manufacturer or customer wishes to bolt down their machine, then TICO Collars and Washers should be employed to isolate the stud.

(B) Bonding

TICO S PA can be bonded with two types of adhesive; 1. TICO Contact S - this is a contact adhesive suitable for the majority of applications including bonding to concrete, steel, etc. 2. Tiflex Marine 2 part epoxy system for very high duty or difficult applications.

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