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noise and vibration

noise and vibration

Rubber to Metal Bonding

The TICO brand name has always been associated with quality and service in the field of machine mounting materials. Our experience also covers the design and production of custom made elastomeric bearings for use on bridges, buildings and the railway industry. Drawing on this wide range of experience, we now offer LOADTECH our Load Bearing Technology Service.

Much industrial equipment relies on elastomeric bearings for shock absorption, flexible movement or as a resilient load bearer. LOADTECH is a complete design, testing and production service for these bearings.

Capabilities include

  • Formulation of elastomers to provide specific mechanical properties.
  • Blending of elastomers ensuring consistent quality and uniformity of performance.
  • Design of moulds and tooling.
  • Static and dynamic test facilities.
  • Laboratory facilities for chemical, electrical and other testing.
  • Design and supply of associated metal components.
  • Quality assurance to BS EN ISO 9001

Straddle Carrier Suspension Ring

The Straddle Carrier Suspension Ring is an example of a LOADTECH bearing, which has been specifically designed as a replacement for hydraulic suspension systems on large container carriers.

Hammer Buffers

TICO LOADTECH Bearings have been designed for a number of different impact absorption and buffering applications. A particular example are buffer rings on counter blow hammers, where they are subjected to very high impact forces.


Using our Darttec 2000KN and Mayes 1000KN hydraulic test rings, we can access finished components and match performance against design criteria. In addition we can test an existing component and produce a design for a LOADTECH Bearing, to give a similar or modified performance.

Typical performance criteria may include load/deflection, natural frequency and stiffness. Data capture equipment enables documentary evidence of test results in graphical or report form to be made available.

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