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noise and vibration

noise and vibration

Noise & Vibration Applications

Floating Floors/Floor Vibration Isolation

Floor vibrations can be caused by walking, dancing, jumping, aerobics and other occupant activities. Mechanical equipment such as heating, ventilating and HVAC systems as well as pumps and motors in mechanical rooms can also cause floor vibrations. The basic configuration of a floor system should be established early in the design process. Armadillo can assist in your suspended floor design to minimize vibrations.

floor vibration isolation

Building Vibration Isolation

Train, traffic or subway generated ground waves can create structural vibration in a building's foundations and base slab. The effect of this structural vibration is dependant on many factors including but not limited to the stiffness or rigidity of the building foundation, soil dynamics and the amplitude and frequency of vibration. The design of a building's foundation being built in an area where high amplitudes of vibration are likely should include an assesment as to whether vibration isolation of the structure will be necessary. Armadillo can help by providing recomendations to minimize the effects of ground borne vibration.



building vibration isolation
Vibration Isolation of Machines & Equipment
Planning and design are critical elements in any building project. A badly designed foundation can lead to huge problems later. We can recomemnd and provide the optimum vibration isolation material for your machine or machine and foundation installation. The design of the machine foundation and pit is an important part of a sucessfully isolated machine.
 machine isolation pic

Transformer Vibration Isolation

Armadillo Armacel and Armacork Isolation pads are very effective methods to prevent the transformer "hum" being a nusance.

In residential areas when ambient noise levels are low, (night time) the drone of a single or three phase transformer can appear exceptionally lound. A soluton is often very simple to achieve with the addition of the transformer isolation pads. 

A load calculation will be carried out to decide which grade of material and what plan area is required to "Tune" the isolation bearings to the required frequency. As supplied to the transformer site installation is a simple crane lift to install the Armacel / Armacork transformer isolators bearings beneath.

Transformer vibration and noise isolation brochure coming soon.

110KV Transformer



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