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noise and vibration

noise and vibration


Thermal bridging due to steel girts
Thermal bridging due to steel girts

Thermal bridging through standard cladding attachments has a large effect on the heat loss through a wall assembly.  Eliminate the heat flow path from steel stud to cladding and improve the effective U-value of your wall assembly.

Armatherm™ Z girt help to meet ASHRAE 90.1 requirements for continuous insulation by completely eliminating metal to metal contact and highly conductive elements associated with steel stud wall assemblies.

Thermal Break Z GIRT

  • Completely eliminate steel to steel connection across the insulation envelope.
  • Unrivaled thermal efficiency for clad walls.
  • Provides continuous insulation meeting energy code requirements.

  • Cost effective in comparison to steel Z girts with additional thermal solutions.

  • As efficiency is increased overal insulation thickness can be reduced.

  • Can be easily shimmed for alignment.


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