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noise and vibration

noise and vibration

Armadillo Noise & Vibration Products

Armaload - MIL-C-882



Armaload is a preformed fabric bearing pad which meets MIL-C-882, AASHTO, AASHTO and AASHTO 10.10.1 specifications. Manufactured from compressed layers of closely wovenfabric, bound with elastomer this material will support loads up to 12,000 psi before breakdown.


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Armacush Isolation Material


Designed to provide a cost effective solution to the increasing problem of structure borne vibration and noise generated by large manufacturing machines.

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Sprung Isolated Dance Floor Pads


Sports floors, gymnasiums and dance studios require a firm yet resilient feel. This is achieved by supporting the floor on resilient pads to give the correct balance for shock absorbing coupled with sufficient rebound to give the floor a "live" feel. Armadillo DFP15 is the ideal material to achieve this. 

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Armadillo LTP Crane Rail Pad


High load capacity exert enormous forces on the rail track and supporting structure. Employed extensively through out the world the LTP Crrane Rail Pad effectively reduces the stress transffered to the structure.

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Regufoam ImageRegufoam® was developed as a top-quality mixed-cell PUR foam for vibration damping and structure-borne noise decoupling. Regufoam® is made in various densities with precisely stipulated physical properties. Regufoam® is suitable for foundation decoupling, protecting buildings from vibrations in the vicinity of track systems, vibration insulation in railway construction and passive and active insulation of facility engineering plants and machines.

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Vibstop New Image

Designed to be installed for the lifetime of the machine foundation Vibstop is resistant to most work place chemicals and performs consistently over a wide temperature range. Produced in standard panel sizes for base and wall isolation, available in three different thickness'. To make the installation more cost effective different thickness' of vibstop can be used on the base compared to the walls.

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Tico S/PA

The most commonly used resilient pad for anti vibration, mounting general plant and machinery.

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Tico CV/CA


Tico CV/CA high stress bearings provide a maintenance-free resilient barrier for the isolation of structures from ground-borne noise and vibration.

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Pipe Supports


Tico Pipe Supports have been specifically designed to minimize vibration transmission between pipework and hanger.

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Tico Clamp Strips


Available in a comprehensive range of sizes, Tico Clip Strips provide an effective answer to pipe isolation.

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Tico Clamp Blocks


There are numerous configurations of Tico Clamp Blocks to suit different pipe configurations and types of support.

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