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noise and vibration

noise and vibration




Noise & Vibration

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The Armadillo Noise and Vibration team offer products and services that solve problems due to machine induced, structutal or ground borne sources of vibration. Engineering support includes; finite element analysis, structural design and vibration. We work closely with A/E firms, acoustical consultants, OEMs and directly with the end users to recommend vibration isolation solutions for a wide array of applications.


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Structural Connections

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Structural bearing pads, slide plates and thermal break pads are all available by the Armadillo team. Our products have been installed on structures and equipment worldwide to transmit load, accomodate expansion and prevent thermal bridging. The structural connections group is a collaborative, design-build partner who can assist with your bearing design or help to determine the extent of thermal bridging heat loss on building envelope performance including themal modeling and structural design calculations. 


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